I'm Bloggy the mouse and I have something to share with you!


Try to guess who was the one who created this site... There are a few pictures which can help you in the guessing game!She was very little and she liked making faces!
She liked dressing up... and she has her "particular" style nowadays...
During winter, even though she was very cold, she was also very active!
During summer, she liked to play with water...
external image n1205517782_30273372_9963.jpg
She also went to school and got dressed as you do...
And she also had to act and dance as you do...
external image n1205517782_30273388_2068.jpg
She used to wear a school uniform...
And once upon a time, she grew up...Do you know who she is?
external image n1205517782_30256332_1925.jpg
You were right! It's Miss Lariand she wants you to know that she has also been a girl, and that she still loves having fun!Click on the titles and visit some other pages from this Wiki, such as "The way we work!", "Knight Time", "Press Conference with the Queen" , "Publishing House!", "Revising for the Final Exams!", "News", "Your opinion counts!", "Crafts!", Christmas-Land! or "Music to be shared!"Have a lot of fun!